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Fotogoals App

Find the best photo spots

Hey photo lovers, photographers, influencers and culture lovers.

With us you are exactly right!

With our Fotogoals app for iOS and Android, you can now find the best photo spots even easier. From now on you can fully concentrate on your next "photo goal", because you will find all the important information about each individual photo spot in our app. From the photo spot search within a certain radius to filtering the spots like you know it from a classic online shop - the Fotogoals app offers many useful functions and, above all, creative ideas. This not only saves you valuable time looking for the perfect spot, but also enables you to become a real trendsetter!

So what are you waiting for?
Download the app and on your marks, get set, go shooting!


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Find the best photo spots


With the help of the filter function you can only find the photo spots that interest you.

Spot categories

With the help of the division of all spots into the categories sightseeing, street style, hipster & tropical, you can find exactly the spot that suits your interests.

Spot features

Are you looking for a special wall or a spot with a great view? No problem! With selectable properties, you can find such a spot in seconds!


Chargeable, limited opening times or a photo spot on private property are often problems. We also help here by pointing out existing restrictions on the spot.


With the help of simple maps and radius filters, you can quickly find all photo spots for a location.

Time management

We'll show you the perfect time for your photo at the respective photo spot.
🌅 Sunrise | 🌇 Sunset
💛 Golden hour | 💙 Blue hour

Own photo spot lists

Save your favorite photo spots in your own photo spot lists. With it you can easily plan your next shoot or your next trip.

Public transportation

We'll show you the closest public stop to the photo spot, so you can save yourself the long search.

Know where

Gone is the time of the eternal search for exactly that one spot that you have seen several times in pictures. We not only show you the location of the photo subject, but also the exact location from which the photo was taken.

Discover places

Discover new and unknown places that exactly match your interests.

You will not only find the usual sightseeing photo spots that everyone has known for a long time, but also a large number of insiders.

Get creative

Cool city, cool street, cool wall or a hip graffiti?

We'll show you all of them and you can let off steam without having to search long for this spot!

All information

Your first choice for the perfect photo spots!

Opening hours, restrictions or the time for the perfect sunrise! We consolidate all important information in one place. ♥

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Frequently Asked Questions | Fotogoals App

No! The Fotogoals app is 100% free. This should remain the case as far as possible in the future.

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