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Lukas Zobel - Fotogoals Gründer

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For me, the photo is one of the most important instruments in life, because it enables me to capture personal moments, experiences and, above all, special places for eternity. Whether selfie, high-end photography or Polaroid, behind every photo there is a personal idea. That's exactly why they fascinate me, especially when you shoot them in beautiful and unique places.

Discover new, unfamiliar places. Create your own photos. Tell your own story. Create yourself:

- Lukas -

Hey, that's me - Lukas, to be more precise, my name is Lukas Zobel, I'm 28 years old and the founder and idea generator of Fotogoals. I live in Würzburg, Germany and come directly from the Franconian wine region.

You're probably wondering how the idea of Fotogoals came about. Of course I'm happy to tell you my personal Fotogoals story 🙂

photography and travel. Two passions that I prefer to combine. That's why I've been traveling around the world for a number of years and I'm always on the lookout for the perfect photo spot. Sure, who wouldn't want to take a brilliant photo to share with their loved ones after and during the trip? As for most people of the so-called generations "Y & Z", in the past I often started planning my trip via the social media platform Instagram, which we are all familiar with. In the past, cool photos of long sandy beaches, beautiful architecture and classic sights paved the way for me through the respective country or city. So before every trip I knew roughly which places I wanted to visit. When I arrived at the respective place full of anticipation, I encountered a similar problem again and again: "from which spot exactly was this mega awesome photo taken from this incredibly great perspective, which I had previously seen on Instagram" I kept asking myself.

As a content creator - who has already produced social media content for a number of companies - I am also aware of similar problems from a different perspective. It was not uncommon that I had to invest umpteen hours alone in the search for the perfect spot where I could shoot the relevant products or campaigns.

I thought about these topics a million times before I understood how they were connected and realized what potential they had. That's why I decided in mid-2020 to put my first ideas into practice, which resulted in the startup Fotogoals. First, I prepared spots I had discovered in the past, rediscovered numerous local spots and shared them with a simple website and via social media. After initial interest and positive feedback from the community that had emerged to date, I decided to take the idea behind Fotogoals to the next level. A simpler, better and smarter solution was needed. I put this into practice with a new, user-friendly website and the Fotogoals app. After numerous night shifts, meetings and the integration of numerous new photo spots, the first version of the app was launched in mid/late 2021. With the help of the app, the foundation stone for the vision I created "The world of places in your pocket" should be laid in order to be the first point of contact for the perfect spot in the future.



Would you like to know more? No problem 🙂
Just send me a message via the social media channel of your choice. LG Lukas


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