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What is Fotogoals?

Find the best photo spots

Fotogoals searches worldwide for the best photo spots and brings them categorized for different target groups on an online platform and in the Fotogoals app. We not only show the well-known sightseeing photo spots, but also show you undiscovered spots. From the typical street flair to the cool wall for the next fashion shoot - we have the perfect location for you!

As a photographer, I constantly need great locations for my photo shoots. With Fotogoals I can now find suitable places much faster and the consultation with my customers has also been made much easier as a result. Thanks!



    Since I've been using Fotogoals, I've had a completely different view of my travels. I perceive the surroundings and places much more than I used to. I love the idea of Fotogoals.


      Travel lover

      Spots as varied as your life


      Explore the coolest fotospots that your community will love!

      Photo Shooting

      Fotogoals - a new way to discover amazing places for your photoshoot!


      Plan your trip with the help of the spots on fotogoals.com or in the Fotogals app!

      Leisure & Occasions

      Find a cool place to hang out with your friends or impress your date? We can help here too!

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      Your online shop for

      Photo spots

      Online shopping is as much a part of our lives today as the sand is to the beach. So why not shop photo spots online?

      We thought so too 🙂 That's why Fotogoals is like an online shop, only for photo spots. Searching in a specific area, a filter function with various setting options and a total of five photo spot categories make your search for the perfect spot child's play.

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      Culture that is cool! Find classic spots that let well-known landmarks shine with you.

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      The art of staging the street. From classic street flair to cool architecture.

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      Hip, hipper, hipster! Cool walls, nice graffiti and creative places - here you will find the right terrain for your style.

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      To fall in love with nature. Whether well-known or off the beaten track! We show you spots that you absolutely have to see.

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      Whether it's a museum, a place to sit, a well-known shopping street or a restaurant with a fantastic interior. We'll show you all.






      Spot quality

      The quality of the photo spots is our top priority. Therefore, all published photo spots have been personally checked and verified by our team on site. We are aware that this will slow down the number of spots in our system, but we prioritize quality over quantity. However, so that we can add new spots even faster in the future, we are already working on an innovative solution. Until then, we will continue to travel the world's roads with our e-scooters to find the best photo spots for you.


      In addition to the quality and suitability of a spot for photos, the exact location from which the corresponding motif can be photographed is also important to us. I.e.: It is not immediately apparent from which position a photo was taken for every photo motif (building | beach). Just because, for example, the Eiffel Tower in Paris can be seen in a photo does not mean that a photo was taken there. This may have arisen, for example, on the Debilly footbridge 1km away. For all photo motifs where the location is unclear or there are several perspectives (e.g. Eiffel Tower), you will find several photo spots in our system.

      Spot photos

      At Fotogoals, we are not primarily concerned with presenting you with perfectly edited photos of a photo spot. Heavily edited photos usually look beautiful, but often distort the reality at the location. We would therefore first like to show you all the spots as undistorted as possible so that you are not disappointed when you get there. In addition to many thousands of photo spots, it is our aim in the future to provide a large collection of different photos for each spot. It doesn't matter whether it's unedited, edited, by the photographer or a layperson - we would like to show you the possibilities that even a single photo spot offers.

      Whether for your Instagram feed, your new TikTok video, on your next trip or for the love of photography. With us you will find the perfect spots and the best locations where you can let your creativity run free.

      - Lukas Zobel, Fotogoals Founder

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