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Photo spots

Submit a new photo spot

You know a super beautiful and breathtaking photo spot and you really want to see it on Fotogoals, then we look forward to receiving it.

The following points are important to us when submitting:

1. Accuracy

Basically, not only the motif in the photo is important to us, but rather the exact point from which the photo was taken is important to us. E.g. Just because the Paris Eiffel Tower can be seen in the photo doesn't mean the photo was taken at the Eiffel Tower itself 🙂

2. Spot photo

So that we can decide whether to include the photo spot in our portfolio, you must also send us a photo of this spot. On this, the spot must at least be easily recognizable.

Submit a new photo spot

  • Photo spot

    Below you can give us all known information about the photo spot:
  • NOTE:
    Please pay attention to the accuracy: For all spots where it is not clear exactly from which point a photo was taken (physical location of the photographer), it is important to us that you mark this point exactly.

    Ex.: Just because the photo shows the Eiffel Tower in Paris, does not mean that the photo was taken at the Eiffel Tower itself -> The point at which the photo was taken was, for example, the "Champ de Mars" park - according to this, the pin or the address is there. The spot from the example would then be given the following name: Park "Champ de Mars" - View: Eiffel Tower
  • Place the pin on the map where the photo was taken.
    • is filled automatically via the map -> is only used for checking.
    • e.g. Residence garnde
    • Please give us all the information you know about the opening hours.
    • Please tell us about any other restrictions you are aware of.
  • Spot Photos

    Pay attention to the following: In order for us to be able to use the photos, the spot should be clearly visible on the photo.
  • max. 3 pieces (max. 5MB per photo). You have to be patient when uploading.
  • Consent to use the photo

    You must give us the following consents in order for us to use your photos:
  • Please confirm with your signature that you have provided the above information to the best of your knowledge and belief. You also confirm that you will not intentionally provide false information.

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