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Justine is a 23 year old student at the Julius-Maximilians-University of Wuerzburg, striving to become a teacher. She’s majoring in english and german and loves studying languages with their linguistic function. Justine’s our girl when it comes to wording and text creation. With her dad being from the U.S. and her mom from Germany she enjoys the best of both worlds.

Because two majors are not enough, she decided to add sports. She loves playing tennis and working out.

In addition, Justine is also a flight attendant for a german airline. She travels a lot, visits countries like Saudi Arabia, India or Japan and loves exploring new cultures. Traveling a lot and exploring new cities, she’s also looking for amazing places that serve the perfect spots for her “instagram-worthy” pictures!



Not only the love between the two of us connects us. We love laughing together, we adore each other and we like exploring the similarities between us. We immediately noticed that traveling and taking new Instagram pictures connects us as well. Actually, that’s how we met. After following each other on Instagram and a couple of “likes” back and forth we knew: Photography, extravagant backgrounds and incredible spots is exactly our thing!

But it’s not always easy finding them… Together we made it our goal to create some sort of guide that you can use to fancy up your Instagram feed, making it easy for you to find the most amazing “instagram-worthy” spots.

Well, what are you waiting for? Choose your favorite spot, follow the directions and start using that camera! ♥ 



all about

1994 – a year full of historic events. Eurodance was in the charts, Woodstock had a deja vu in New York City, our beloved Play Station was sold to us and sadly, Kurt Cobain died. But on the 2nd August 1994 the world gained an ambitious little boy.

Lukas already finished his studies at the university and earned the title Bachelor of Business Administration. He’s responsible for the content and graphic design is his specialty.

But driven by wanderlust, economics isn’t the only thing that Lukas is interested in. He started traveling the world when he was just a little one. His parents took him on many trips and he explored countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and many more! According to Lukas, almost every country is on his bucket list and he especially likes the most exotic ones!

No matter the problem, Lukas always finds a way to solve it and we love that about him!